Not Samantha. Not Sammy. Sam.

The chance to create costumes such as these is reason enough for me to reconsider not having children. 


Power Pig Strip by Artemy Lebedev

This pig/power strip bastardization of science has 17 snout-lets and a built-in circuit breaker to protect it from overloading. Course, we dont use that type of outlet here in Merica, but I dig the Katamari Ball aesthetic.

(via: OhGizmo!)

I found my new favorite tumblr.


Roseanne’s Kitty Cat Tee

MEOW!  Wow, Roseanne has really outdone herself yet again!  This giant cat print t-shirt really makes everything she has worn up until this point in time seem like unchanged kitty litter.  What a fantastically coy print for such a cynical little lady!  Is that cat being groomed by the other cat?  What kind of frisky business is happening here?